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Traveling for Customers: India & Malaysia

Posted by Micron Solutions on Jan 22, 2024 12:39:54 PM

As a leading contract manufacturer with over 52 years of experience, Micron Solutions provides full-service solutions for medical device innovators across the globe. Having worked with customers across 4 continents, Micron Solutions is a trusted partner to medical technology companies from early prototype development through manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and testing.  

We have worked with customers in key medical device markets including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Poland.

We span the globe to collaborate closely with medical device companies to bring new technologies to target markets efficiently. We consistently facilitate international partnerships, leveraging innovations across regions to advance medical technology worldwide.


Too Long; Didn’t Read

  • Micron executives travel around the globe to meet face-to-face with our valued customers and industry leaders.
  • The CEO of Micron, Bill Laursen, recently travelled to India and Malaysia to spend quality time with customers and expand global partnerships.
  • If Micron were to only work domestically, we would miss out on opportunities to learn from the brightest medical device minds around the world.

Building Personalized Relationships

At Micron, we place a lot of emphasis on building personalized relationships with our partners and customers. While virtual calls are great for touching base, we go the extra miles to understanding our customers on a personal level.

Our leadership team regularly travels domestically and internationally to spend quality time with clients and industry leaders. We value these visits for both strengthening existing partnerships and forming new ones. Immersing ourselves locally provides insights that help us better serve global markets.


visiting india & malaysia 

A picture of Micron's CEO, Bill Laursen, standing in front of a sign that says "Medico Electrodes International LTD'The CEO of Micron, Bill Laursen, has spent time in India and Malaysia learning the market, connecting with partners, and meeting up with friends in New Delhi.

Both countries present tremendous opportunities for us to utilize our expertise and resources to assist medical technology innovators in bringing new products to these growing markets.

India's Medical Device Industry

India’s medical device sector is expected to reach $50 billion by 2030, driven by an increased demand for advanced, high-quality medical equipment and technology. Our upcoming travel will focus on connecting with key customers to understand their specific needs and challenges and strengthen these collaborations.

Malaysia’s Medical Device Industry

Micron's CEO, Bill Laursen, meeting with the Ambu team in the entryway. Similarly, Malaysia’s medical device industry is projected to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.81% through 2028. The country has a number of favorable government policies as well as an older population, both of which contribute to the impressive CAGR. 

These travels to India and Malaysia will enable Micron Solutions to fortify our strong relationships and demonstrate our commitment to supporting medical device companies in these high-potential markets. Our ultimate goal is to enhance Micron Solutions’ position as a trusted global partner in medical device contract manufacturing.


The Micron Solutions Advantage

What sets Micron Solutions apart as a medical device contract manufacturing partner? Our complete set of end-to-end capabilities enable customers to seamlessly take their product from early concepts through commercial launch and beyond. No matter where you are in the world, you deserve the best manufacturing, which is why we put emphasis on partnering with customers internationally. 

By working with Micron Solutions, medical technology innovators gain access to world-class engineering, manufacturing, and quality capabilities without major capital investments. This allows our clients to focus resources on developing cutting-edge medical products that improve patient outcomes.

Our seasoned teams have the cross-functional experience required to seamlessly progress products from early prototypes through clinical evaluations, regulatory approvals, and full commercial-scale production.


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To learn more about Micron Solutions’ global capabilities or to meet with our team during upcoming travels, contact us today. We look forward to further expanding our worldwide partnerships with leading medical device companies.


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