Consumer Plastics: Injection Molding, Manufacturing, and Assembly

Micron's consumer plastics injection molding, manufacturing, and assembly services are among the most advanced in the nation. We produce a wide range of machined and molded components using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the best quality and cost for your consumer products.


Diverse Molding and Manufacturing Capabilities for Consumer Goods

Micron has served as a premier injection molder for the consumer plastics market, providing manufacturing services for cosmetics, household goods, commercial goods, and more.

With over 30 horizontal and vertical injection molding machines ranging from 55 tonnage machines to 300 tonnage machines, Micron's production facility is optimized to serve your need for scalable molding and manufacturing with flexible, personalized service.

Our in-house mold-making and tooling shop supports customers from developmental prototypes through scaled production, while extensive experience with a range of molded polymers and resins ensures optimal product quality and minimizes the risk of material defects.

Micron's core capabilities are complemented by a full range of secondary services, including press-side services, complex assemblies, packaging, and more. We utilize our real-time ERP system and our proprietary NPL (New Product Launch) process to ensure the highest level of quality and predictability for your injection-molded components and parts.


An employee in a blue Micron polo shirt opens the door to an injection molding machine.
Two employees talk on the manufacturing floor with Arburg injection molding machines in the background

Automated Consumer Plastics Manufacturing Accelerates Time-To-Market

Micron's strategic implementation of automated manufacturing drives costs down and accelerates time to market for a true competitive edge. With annual investments in both press-side and assembly automation, we can produce high-quality products at lower costs while continuing to improve efficiency.

As automated manufacturing experts, we apply process engineering expertise to ensure complex projects are optimized at an operational level to return as much value to our customers as possible.

Environmentally Sustainable Materials for Injection Molded Consumer Goods

As consumer interest in environmentally sustainable products and materials continues to grow, Micron's extensive injection molding expertise helps major OEMs adopt biodegradable and compostable plastics and recycled resins for injection molding and manufacturing without compromising on quality.

Our supply chain specialists leverage relationships with premier resin suppliers to ensure reliable procurement of environmentally-friendly plastics and lower materials costs.


recycled materials for injection molding in the shape of the recycle logo