Consumable Labware Manufacturing for Life Science OEMs


Micron's life science manufacturing services empower medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other life science companies to safely, quickly, and cost-effectively produce high-quality single-use plastic labware and components.

Injection Molding Single-Use Laboratory Plastics Manufactured Under Strictly Regulated Conditions

As life science companies continue to push boundaries in terms of product development, Micron can offer both the expertise and capital to excel in projects ranging in scale and complexity. Our team of mold makers, plastics engineers, process engineers, project engineers, and quality engineers are dedicated to ensuring predictable production of high-quality molded labware at high volumes.

Micron is an ISO 13485 registered & cGMP 21 CFR part 820 compliant facility with Class 7, 8, or 10 cleanrooms and dry-rooms for production and assembly services. Our team is experienced in a variety of engineered resins and is ready to meet your needs, no matter the challenge.

Our life science customers rely on Micron's plastic injection molding services for a wide array of disposable labware, including:

  • Petri dishes and lids
  • Pipettes
  • Test tubes
  • Microplates
  • Beakers
  • Flasks
  • Scintillation vials
  • Surgical instruments
  • Cryovials

For over 30 years, Micron has been a leading custom plastic injection molding manufacturer for companies developing and commercializing single-use medical devices, pharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment, diagnostic test kits, and many other products that require custom-designed or unique plastic labware in a range of sizes and shapes. We excel in meeting tight deadlines while maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.

A close-up of an employee putting together a test kit
Two injection molds for consumable labware.

World-Class  Tooling for Injection-Molded Labware

Plastic labware is a vital component for many medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other life science products. The production of labware calls for high throughput and high precision. In order to achieve these standards on the production floor, high-quality tooling is imperative. Our skilled mold-makers produce durable and reliable molds, resulting in injection-molded plastic laboratory tools that meet stringent regulatory standards while remaining cost-effective.

Cutting-edge pressure and temperature sensing technology is applied to ensure process parameters are maintained via close-loop in-mold process monitoring. Our in-house mold and fixture department can produce 2 - 96 cavity tools, end of arm tooling, and custom assembly fixtures. With mold-making expertise on-site, rapid in-house repair and maintenance minimizes disruptions and maximizes production efficiency.

Automated and Semi-Automated Manufacturing Solutions for Molded Lab Consumables

Our custom plastic injection molding services are used for the manufacture of disposable laboratory equipment, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while reducing time to market. We offer a wide range of automation options for our clients, including:

  • Assembly-line integration
  • Robotic assembly cells
  • Automated tray sterilizers
  • Packaging robots
  • Computerized quality control

Delivering precision and accuracy along with speed is vital in the production of injection-molded labware. Dealing with high volumes in a variety of materials simultaneously can be challenging, but our automation capabilities address this challenge through flexible work cells that accommodate large numbers of parts while facilitating continuous changeover. To maintain the highest levels of productivity throughout the manufacturing process, Micron's team of experienced robotic operators are trained to produce labware at high-speed without sacrificing quality or increasing waste.

Given the product lifecycle of labware components and devices, many projects call for a progressive ramp-up to high volume production. By implementing automation whenever viable and targeting a 10:1 machine to personnel ratio we maximize efficiency while securing consistent, scalable production. In situations where rapid ramp-up is called for, we deploy a phase-gate process including manual assembly, a combination of manually assisted automated assembly stations (known as 'manomation'), and fully automated manufacturing solutions.

automated manufacturing