Molding & Manufacturing for Defense, Military, and Tactical Applications

Modern military suppliers and OEMs are reassessing how their resources are being deployed. Micron's injection molding assembly services can help streamline the manufacturing process, reducing costs and staying competitive in the defense market.

Manufacturing Services for Military and Defense Contractors

Our experience in the defense industry has given us a deep understanding of defense OEMs need for reliable service, cost-driven manufacturing, streamlined product development, and a steady supply chain. 

There are several key benefits of using plastic parts, including performance in the field, ease of replacement, and material availability.

Micron's defense industry customers rely on a range of critical manufacturing services, including:

  • Custom Manufacturing in Engineered Plastics and Metal Components

  • Engineering and Tool Design

  • Prototyping

  • Validation and Regulatory Compliance

  • CMM and Vision System Inspection

  • Automation, Assembly, and Packaging

Molders and plastic parts manufacturers have a new opportunity for success with today's military. As a world-class manufacturer, we manage the non-core aspects of your operations through complete turnkey manufacturing services that include design consulting, supply chain management, complex assembly, and manufacturing. 

A person in a blue shirt writes on a clipboard during a CMM component inspection. The brown, injection-molded plast

Producing Tough Components for Rugged and Reliable Tactical Equipment

Defense components require precise production and steadfast reliability. At Micron, we understand the importance of producing critical components that can withstand stress in the field. Micron's team of engineers and manufacturing specialists excel at compliantly producing components with high quality, tight tolerances that meet the rigorous requirements that the defense industry demands.

Our talented team has experience using highly engineered plastics and metals to produce durable, superior products for defense applications, and an aptitude for optimizing primary injection molding services with secondary services to lower costs and return value to the customer. We specialize in injection molding, over-molding, insert-molding, machining, assembly, and vacuum deposition shielding for precision optical components.

Complex Assembly, Process Engineering, and Other Value-Added Services for Defense OEMs

Micron's experienced material scientists and process engineers can help you produce plastic parts with extreme strength, durability, impact resistance, or other unique properties based on your specifications and requirements. We also specialize in secondary metal processing including machining and finishing to deliver precision military plastic components on time every time.

If you need help to define plastic part requirements even further through consultation, we can provide those vital services as well. Our plastic injection molding assembly services are ideal for meeting the strict requirements of military, defense, and tactical applications.

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