Medical Molding & Manufacturing for Diagnostic Test Kit Production

Micron’s reliable and efficient contract manufacturing services produce test kits that ensure accuracy, regulatory compliance, and industry-leading innovation for medical equipment companies of all sizes.

Injection-molded medical diagnostic test kits

With over 4 decades of experience, Micron is a leader in injection moldingengineering, and assembly for medical OEMs. A history of successful medical test kit component production and assembly makes Micron uniquely suited to supporting clients’ needs with flexible, personalized contract manufacturing.

From Covid-19 home test kits, to laboratory-use medical diagnostic kits, and diagnostic kits for  medical and veterinary specialties, manufacturers can find the capabilities, speed, and expertise they need at Micron.

First-person perspective of blue-gloved hands placing an injection-molded diagnostic test kit into packaging.
A first person perspective of quality control testing; blue-gloved hands hold an injection-molded plastic part from a diagnostic test kit produced at Micron.

Diagnostic Test Manufacturing and Kitting Services

Micron strives to maintain the highest possible standards of diagnostic equipment by ensuring fast, easy processes, accurate results, and high-quality test kits. To achieve this, we apply decades of experience in medical molding and manufacturing to help clients meet and exceed their objectives.

Micron’s investment in innovation and automation ensures that the soaring need for diagnostic kits and single-use kits is easily met. Rigorous QA protocols ensure that every piece meets the most exacting quality standards. 

ISO Certified, cGMP Compliant Manufacturing Facilities For Medical Molding, Assembly, And Packaging

Micron’s state-of-the-art facilities are ISO 13485 certified and cGMP compliant, satisfying the unique needs of medical equipment companies including molding,  assembly in Class 7, 8, & 10 cleanrooms, and specialty kitting with enhanced tracking features to meet facility and provider needs.

When it comes to medical testing and diagnostic kits, reliable, accurate tracking features are critical. Micron offers innovative labeling, barcoding, and custom traceability and recording features. 

A True One-Stop-Shop For Medical Test Kit Manufacturing and kitting

Our customers demand test kit components that can deliver consistent and accurate results every time.

We leverage our long history, extensive manufacturing capabilities, and diverse customer base to apply proven, innovative methods and enhanced engineering support to develop turnkey product solutions.

Looking through a window into a Class 8 clean room where two people dressed in coveralls, gloves, face masks, and hairnets work on injection molded plastic test kits for laboratory and at-home diagnostic use.