In the world of high-volume automotive work, Micron is a leader in both speed and quality. We are a tier 3 automotive supplier that takes pride in being able to engineer and manufacture products that meet the demands of this fast-paced industry.

 In the automotive industry, efficiency and quality need to be maximized to meet every customer's demand. With over 35 horizontal and vertical molding machines we have the capability to manufacture products around the clock with little to no downtime. With manufacturing capacity and an experienced team of mold makers, we can guarantee that we can meet your production needs with no delays.

When economical for the client, Micron utilizes both partial and full automation to increase efficiency and output. At Micron, we have extensive experience using innovative high cavitation mold designs, automated vision inspection, and robotically assisted plastic injection molding. Our goal is always to help customers lower their costs, maximize our production potential and increase quality.


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