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Tooling and Mold-Making at Micron

A metal mold standing behind 5 black injection-molded components made at Micron.

Mold making has a long history and it is no exception at Micron where we have mold makers with 35 to 45 years of experience under their belts. Our goal is to make quality, well-built molds for various industries and, with our experienced mold makers, we can achieve that.  

The key to producing a high-quality mold is precise tolerances, maximum production performance and quality mold design. We are able to create these quality molds with the support of advanced machining equipment, a good quality team and the support of a qualified engineering department.  


Having an in-house mold shop like the one at Micron has proven to be a huge benefit because of our ability to make repairs and modifications much faster than if the mold had to be shipped out for work.  Our talented mold makers not only create high quality new molds, but also reduce the downtime of tools that need maintenance or modifications before continuing to run.  


In the mold-making department our motto is:

Put in a good day’s work and you will put out a good mold!

Topics: injection molding, plastic mold manufacturing, rapid tooling, medical manufacturing

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